Millbrae Community Center to receive $30K grant after destroyed by fire

By Brittany Brown, KRON

SAN JOSE (KRON) — The Millbrae Community Center is receiving a generous grant after being destroyed by a fire that was caused by two minors.

The San Jose based, Republic Family of Companies, announced on Tuesday that they will contribute $30,000 to support the people and programs formerly housed at the Millbrae Community Center.

“Understanding just how valuable the Millbrae Community Center has been to local residents, I knew that as a company there was something we needed to do help those directly impacted by the loss of the center,” said Michael Van Every, President/CEO, Republic Family of Companies. “With this grant, I hope to inspire business leaders throughout the region to contribute in order to bring the center back to the community as soon as possible.”

Last Thursday, the Millbrae Community Center was completely destroyed in a four-alarm fire that investigators have determined to be started via arson. Prior to the fire, the Millbrae Community Center was a community hub where residents gathered for everything from child-care, classes for senior citizens, and brown bag lunch distributions.
According to Republic Family of Companies President/CEO, Michael Van Every, the $30,000 will be utilized to pay for the resources necessary to keep programs functioning while the future of the Millbrae Community Center is being determined.

“Republic hopes this community donation will slightly ease the pain of the temporary loss of the center and its programs while building hope and resolve that the center will be rebuilt with the help of the business community and the citizens of Millbrae,” said Van Every.

Although new to the Millbrae scene, Republic Family of Companies has a long history of partnering with local communities philanthropically. By way of example is Republic’s sponsorship of the nation-wide Veterans Housing Initiative which was formed by the company in order to provide housing opportunities for veterans seeking a place to live as they transition back to civilian life.